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Dreamhack RCQ at Great Stories in Whitinsville MA



Join Great Stories Comics & Gaming, March 2nd 2024 at 11am for the DreamHack Magic: The Gathering Regional Championship Qualifiers (RCQs) 1st Slot, Round 6.

Entry fee: $30 

*In-store purchase, entry cost must be pre-paid in order to secure spot in tournament.

Format: Standard

First 32 Entrants

Receive an "Explore" Promo, Magic: The Gathering Card. Additional box and pack prizing will be based on entry!

Explore MTG Promo- Great Stories- RCQ

1st Place Winner


Receives a Regional Championship Invite, Champion Lanyard, Top 8 Pin, 2x "Expressive Iteration" Promos (1Foil, 1 Regular).

Dreamhack regional champ prize - great stories

2nd-8th Place Winners


Top 8 Pin, "Expressive Iteration" Promo.

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