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Pokémon Trainers and Masters

Sharpen Your Skills and Enter into Battle! 

Casual and Competitive Weekly Table-top Tournaments, Product, Protective Gear, In-Store Lockers and More.  

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If you're searching for a place nearby to battle your Pokémon Trading Cards, order products, shop expansion packs, Pokémon Booster Display Boxes, or purchase Pokémon Elite Trainer Boxes, stop by Great Stories in Whitinsville, Massachusetts. For your next game, check out recent theme decks, or browse our vast assortment of sleeves, and card storage in-store. Our knowledgeable staff members are ready to answer all of your questions on new Pokémon Trading Card product releases and to help make sure your next Pokémon battle is a great one!


Weekly events that we host include our Pokémon Friday Night Tournaments-- contact the shop for pre-release and trade events! With seating for more than 90 people, there is always a space free for you to join in the fun, whether you are an experienced player wishing to join the Great Stories gaming community or you are interested in learning how to get started. New players check out our Trading Card Academy for information on how to learn to play the Pokémon Trading Card Game. 

Pokémon Trading Cards and Tournaments - Great Stories Whitinsville MA

What's New With Pokemon

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Available In-Store: Sep 22, 2023
Join Us for Weekly Friday Night Pokémon Tournaments

Click on a link below for all the details on weekly Pokémon tournaments and special events!

*In-store product availability may vary. Call a store associate for more details. 

acarlett and violet trainer box

All 151 Pokémon that were discovered in the Kanto area are included in this unique Pokémon Trading Card Game expansion as cards that have been updated with Scarlet & Violet Series gameplay innovations. It's a special expansion where artists depict a Pokémon and the tale of its Evolution on several cards. This is typical of illustration rare cards, but the trend is seen across the entire collection, numbered 1-151. The majority of Pokémon TCG expansions include booster packs in a variety of formats, including single-sleeved booster packs and booster displays. The Elite Trainer Box and Ultra-Premium Collection, however, are required if you want to access booster packs from unique expansions like Scarlet & Violet—151 -- Products will be available to purchase in-store starting Sept 22nd. To order product and check availability, stop in during business hours or contact us at (508) 266-0051.

Eldraine- MTG- Great Stories- Product and Events
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What's Here!


*In-store product availability may vary. Call a store associate for more details. 

Pokemon Obsidian Flames - Great Stories
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What's Coming!

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Pokemon Scarlett and Violet Paradox Rift

*In-store product availability may vary. Call a store associate for pre-release order details!

Trading Card A


Interested in learning a Trading Card Game?  We offer weekly trainings on the many different styles of trading card games we currently sell and play in our shop.

Shop. Trade. Play. Connect.

“We do have a lot in common. The same earth, the same air, the same sky. Maybe if we started looking at what’s the same, instead of looking at what’s different, well, who knows?”

— Meowth

Magic The Gathering Booster Boxes at Great Stories in Whitinsville MA
"Great bunch of people that are knowledgeable of all manner of fantasy/rpg/trading card games (plus comics). Definitely recommended. Many organized play events. If they don’t currently run the game you like, ask them."

Francis Seth Dudley

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