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Play. Gather Here!

Seating Enough for 90 Tabletop Players, Weekly Tournaments, and a Wide Breath of Diverse Retail to Choose From. 

Great Stories in Whitinsville, MA provides a wide range of trading card games, events, tournaments, TCG card care supplies, and other services. With over 90 seats available, bring your friends and join us for Friday Night Magic, Pokemon Weekly Casual, Digimon Weekly Casual, Sunday Commander, and other events!


Do you want to play casually or form your own Commander pod with a group of friends? Call (508) 266-0051 to make a reservation! Do you need somewhere to keep your decks till the next battle? Our safe in-store locker rentals are ideal for on-the-go players to keep their decks. Monthly pricing is available; please inquire with a store representative for additional information! 

Where to play Magic the Gathering - Great Stories Whitinsville MA

Everything You Need in One Place

We offer a large selection of trading card game products and supplies including booster packs, singles (commons, uncommons and rares), Dragon Shields, card sleeves, convertible card boxes, folios, and more. 

Where to buy trading card games - Whitinsville MA

Popular TCG Brands We Carry In-store

Whether you're a seasoned player or looking to get started there is something for every trading card game player at Great Stories. Interested in learning a game, or perfecting your knowledge check out our Trading Card Game Academy for more details. 

Eldraine- MTG- Great Stories- Product and Events

 A trading card game filled with strategic battles and unique card decks.

digimon card game retails and events - Great Stories.jpeg
digimon trading card game retail and events - Great Stories.png

Defeat your opponents security with your Digimon Companion in this competitive trading card game.

Poekmon Trading Card game- Sales and Events - Great Stories .jpeg

Create decks based on your favorite Pokémon and then compete with your friends.

Meta Zoo trading card game events near me.jpeg
Meta Zoo Retail and Tournaments - Great Stories Comics and Gaming.webp

Cast powerful Spells, summon ancient Artifacts, and form Contracts with beloved Cryptids.

yugioh trading card game retail - Great Stories.jpeg
yu gi oh tournaments and events near me

An exciting trading card game played with Monsters, Spells, and Traps.

Where to play Flesh and Blood Trading Card Game - Great Stories MA.jpeg
Flesh and Blood Retail and Events - Great Storeis.png

Play as a powerful Hero, equipped with various weapons and a wide arsenal of skills.

Trading Card A


Interested in learning a Trading Card Game?  We offer weekly trainings on the many different styles of trading card games we currently sell and play in our shop.

trading card game booster packs for sale - Great Stories_edited.jpg
"Amazing store with amazing staff ! My girlfriend and our son went to the store just to look at what they had for pokemon cards . The people at the store gave my son an awesome Pokémon poster and a charzard sticker . Thank you guys so much and it’s great to have you in the neighborhood."

Darragh Blake

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