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Modern Horizons III - Magic The Gathering - Pre-release events - Great Stories Comics and

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MTG Modern Horizons 3 at Great Stories in whitinsville MA

If you're searching for a place nearby to play Magic: The Gathering, order pre-release products, shop booster packs, draft boxes, or purchase any other Magic The Gathering products, stop by Great Stories in Whitinsville, Massachusetts. For your next game, stock up on lands or browse our vast assortment of commons, uncommons, rare singles, sleeves, and card storage in-store. Our knowledgeable staff members are ready to answer all of your questions on new MTG product releases and set mechanics.


Weekly events that we host include Pauper, Canadian Highlander, Friday Night Magic, Pioneer, Commander -- and so much more! With seating for more than 90 people, there is always a space free for you to join in the fun, whether you are an experienced player wishing to join the Great Stories gaming community or you are interested in learning how to get started.

Magic The Gathering Events and Product W

What's New With Magic The Gathering

MTG Modern Horizons 3 at Great Stories in whitinsville MA

Available In-Store: June 14th

Friday Night Magic

Click on a links below for all the details on the corresponding  Magic The Gathering | Modern Horizons III Pre-Release Events. 

*In-store product availability may vary. Call a store associate for more details. 

Modern Horizons III - Magic The Gathering - Pre-release events - Great Stories Comics and

Magic: The Gathering, Modern Horizons 3 brings a heaping helping of exciting new cards to Modern. Allied fetch lands return alongside power-packed new cards like double-faced Planeswalkers you're sure to flip for. Join Great Stories Comics and Gaming June 7th thru June 9th for the official Magic Sanctioned Prerelease Events -- Products will be available to purchase in-store on June 14th. Stop in during business hours or contact us at (508) 266-0051 for more details.

Magic The Gathering - Card Sales and Purchasing Whitinsville MA

We Sell and Buy Magic The Gathering Cards!

Order pre-release kits, shop booster packs, or explore our large selection of commons, uncommons, and rares in-store. Looking to sell your Magic The Gathering cards? Connect with us and schedule an audit. 

Shop. Trade. Play. Connect.

“Only those with the strength to seize their destiny deserve to have one”

– Magic The Gathering

Magic The Gathering Booster Boxes at Great Stories in Whitinsville MA
"Best hobby store around. Largest and most relevant collection of magic cards I have seen in near northeastern Connecticut. 10/10 would recommend Commander (EDH) Sundays."


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