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Get to Know Us

Great Stories, Inc is a local family-run comic book and tabletop game shop located in Whitinsville, Massachusetts, where we provide community and gaming entertainment for all. Shop, read, play and gather here! Our store is one of the largest suppliers of comic books in the area, while specializing in a variety of collectables including trading card games, role playing games, action figures, toys, novelties, strategy games, and graphic novels.

At Great Stories we offer both a diverse range of gaming retail and in-store gaming spaces. With seating for 90, our store regularly hosts card game events like Magic The Gathering Tournaments as well as Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon and much more! We’re always on the lookout for more ways to bring people into our community, so if you’re looking for something specific let us know! Reserve a table and make family night a game night at Great Stories with our large selection of board games. 

If you ever need help with a Magic the Gathering deck, need clarity on a game’s rules, or are just looking to find a fun new game to play with your friends, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to help. Just ask anyone behind the counter!

Magic The Gathering - Card Sales and Purchasing Whitinsville MA

We Sell and Buy Magic The Gathering Cards!

Order pre-release kits, shop booster packs, or explore our large selection of commons, uncommons, and rares in-store. Looking to sell your Magic The Gathering cards? Connect with us and schedule an audit. 

Comic Book Subscriptions - Great Stories - Whitinsville MA

Sign-up and


To Get Your Favorite Comics Here!

Pokemon Trading Card Game Sales and Tournaments - Great Stories - Whitinsville MA

Pokemon Trainers Get Everything You Need Here!

Trainer Boxes, Battle Boxes and Booster Packs Available.

Board Game Rentals-Great Stories

Make Family Night A Game Night

Explore Our Huge Selection of Board Games. 

Reserve a table and play in-store or shop our selection for an exciting night in with the family.

In-store locker rentals - Great Stories

Serious Gamers Can Have it All

Now Offering

In-Store Locker


Easily store your miniatures, commander decks, and more for your next tournament. 

Magic The Gathering Dr Who - What's Coming - Great Stories_edited.jpg

Available In-Store: Now!

Explore all of time and space in this wibbly wobbly set! Meet companions, defeat foes, and travel in the TARDIS through the universe!

Magic The Gathering Dr Who Tournaments and Products - Great Stories

Investigate the unknown with the Great Stories Comics & Gaming Blogspace, THE G.S. FILES, for the most recent reviews and news on TV shows, movies, games, role-playing games, and more. Content created for Nerds, by Nerds, because the truth is out there!

Contact Us


1167 Providence Road, Whitinsville, MA 01588


(508) 266-0051

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Opening Hours

Mon - Thurs

11:00 am – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 10:00 pm


10:00 am – 10:00 pm


12:00 pm – 10:00 pm

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